Damptog i Polen

Rapport fra 10. - 13. september 2001.
skrevet af Martin Cresswell, England.

Here are brief details of what I saw at Wolsztyn.

Day 1 Monday.
I arrived at Poznan at 05.40 on the Sleeper from Hanover and was able to catch the 06.05 as far as Trzebaw to meet the 05.17 from Wosztyn, which was hauled by 0l49-69. I then caught the 08.55 to Wolsztyn where i checked into the depot and watched the 11.10 depart with Pt47-65. There was no sign of any freight trains. Ty3-2 did return later but the Zbasynek freight did not run, the Ol49 going light engine to pick up the passenger train. I caught the 15.37 to Zbasyn to pick up the passenger working and went through to Leszno with the ol then back to Wolsztyn on the 20.18.
Day 2.
Ol49-69 again on 05.17 to Poznan. Problems with a tender spring on the Pt47 which was later fixed. I got up to see freight shunting around 07.30, plenty of activity Ty3-2 again. I went with the Pt47 to Poznan and back. The 4 hours at Poznan was a bit boring! Apparently a 17 wagon freight had operated whilst I was away!
Again Ol49-69 on the 05.17 Poznan and Pt47 on the freight! As the Ty3 had a broken spring. Ok1 359 also steamed to go to Leszno for repairs to damage caused during a derailment. This left at 08.00 and returned the same day with the repair complete. The repairs needed facilities not available at Wolsztyn, possibly a wheel drop, but did not need to go to Gneizno. This meant that the afternoon Zbasyneck - Leszno was not steam. The Pt47 left towards Zb with 1 wagon then returned just before I caught the 08.14 to Poznan to meet the 08.55 from Poznan at Steszew returned to Wolsztyn with the steam then returned to Poznan with the 11.10. It was decided when the Ol49 arrived from Poznan that it should also do the afternoon Poznan duty as the Pt47 was needed for a heavy freight. The Ol49 was hurriedly turned and serviced in the 28 minutes between its arrival and returned to Poznan on time. As the Leszno train was diesel I had no alternative than to wait 4 hours again at Poznan. On the way back I had a cab ride on the Ol49, which ran very well all the time I was there.
Day 4.
Ty3 fixed and on freight. Pt47 on 05.13 Poznan and Ol49-69 on 11.10 Poznan. I left on the 11.10 to Poznan then caught an electric to Zbaszynek to catch the Leszno train which was Pt47 tender first. I then left Poland by the overnight train to Breslau and on to the festival at Prerov.

The locos in the yard are as per Wojtek Lis website. It was interesting to note that Ty43-92 was in the shed. This was a new engine for me and probably came from the closed depot with the other locos but looked although it could possibly be a working engine soon. The other new engines all looked non working.

I did not hear any news on the narrow gauge lines so must assume they remain closed except for weekend specials.

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